What is a CBD roll-on?

Over the years, cannabis has made its way into the wellness routines of many different types of people. You have been seeing CBD products everywhere thanks to the 2018 Federal Cannabidiol Laws, which legalized the sell and use of CBD across the United States. Since then there has been numerous CBD shops opening and CBD products have been added to the mix in places that sell other cannabis products. But what is CBD exactly? We know it as CBD, but its more formally known as ‘cannabidiol’. Abbreviated as CBD, this is the second major cannabinoid found in cannabis, after tetrahydrocannabinol, which you probably know as THC.

By definition, cannabinoids act on the endocannabinoid system as either natural compounds or synthetic compounds. The endocannabinoid system is a center in the body that regulates our moods, and more. So in other words, cannabinoids can impact these areas when used.

Because THC is the leading cannabinoid produced in cannabis, there are traces of THC in most cannabis products. However, CBD products contain little to no THC, so the effects you get with CBD are much different than the rest of the cannabinoids out there (and there are hundreds of them!) Products made with CBD and other cannabinoids were legalized in some states as long as they contain no more than 0.3% THC.

CBD is naturally low in THC so it is a non psychoactive cannabinoid that is mainly used for medicinal purposes rather than for recreational purposes like some cannabis products. CBD will not get you ‘high’ but it does have a similar molecular structure to THC and interacts with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system in a similar way.

Utilizing CBD mainly impacts how we experience and process pain, so using CBD for pain is one of the most common uses for the hemp-derived compound.

The versatile nature of this major cannabinoid makes it appeal to many different types of people, which explains why it has become such a force in the cannabis market. Not only this, CBD has increased medical potential thanks to the many ways it can be used and it has the research to show for it. CBD is used to make many different types of products, giving cannabis enthusiasts a variety of ways to incorporate CBD into their lifestyle. CBD can be consumed via inhalation and sublingually and even applied to the skin with topical products.

Four of the most common consumable methods include:


CBD gummies are chewy, bite-sized bits infused with CBD that are quite popular. Often fruit flavored, CBD gummies are effective and frequently appear in places that sell CBD.


CBD edibles are a consumable method for using CBD that might appeal to those that have a sweet tooth. CBD edibles are often desserts like chocolate bars, pastries or other foods infused with CBD for those that want their CBD in snack form.


CBD capsules are capsule pills that contain CBD that can be treated like a supplement. These are preferred by those that have no issues with taking pills and that prefer a quick and easy method for ingesting CBD.


CBD tinctures are among the most popular and effective methods for consuming CBD. These are made with CBD-infused alcohol and oils, which are placed under the tongue in drops. CBD tinctures are a fast-acting method for consuming CBD.

Consuming CBD is an effective way to use this cannabinoid because the CBD can potentially enter the bloodstream and take effect quickly. Although CBD consumable methods are popular, they may not appeal to everyone. Some people dislike the taste of CBD or just have different needs and preferences based on the lifestyle that they live or other health-related reasons. If the idea of consuming CBD is unappealing to you, you may prefer CBD topicals instead. Topical is a term used to describe the application of a product to the skin. That’s right! CBD is so effective that even applied skin care products that contain this cannabis-derived ingredient can be effective.

Two popular CBD products include:


A salve is an ointment that is used to promote healing of the skin and can also be used as a skin protectant. CBD topical salves do just that but they contain the unique healing properties of CBD, which is known for its potential.


Bath time has never been so relieving. If you are unfamiliar with the term, bath bombs utilize wet and dry ingredients that are molded into various shapes that can be tossed into your bath for a upleveled bathing experience. CBD bath bombs give a naturally uplifting effect that you can only get with CBD.

When CBD is absorbed in the skin, the effects are much different than when ingested sublingually or via inhalation. Topically absorbed CBD does not enter the bloodstream but rather connects with nearby cannabinoid receptors through skin pores. Another popular method for applying CBD to the skin is CBD roll ons, often called roll on sticks. CBD roll ons are among the most underrated, yet effective methods out there. The recipe for a roll on oil will vary depending on the brand.

A roll on typically contains a carrier oil, like coconut oil, and essential oils like lavender oil along with isolated CBD. These blends are applied directly to the skin, just like you would any other type of body oil. The roll on feature of these products refers to the tube-like container they are often sold in, which features a roll on ball to help apply the oil easily. CBD roll ons may differ in what other oils and ingredients are included from brand to brand but they share the same special ingredient– CBD!

How does CBD Roll-On work?

To understand how CBD roll ons work, we must first understand pain and inflammation. The body naturally responds to external injury, trauma, infection, or genetic changes that occur internally through pain and inflammation. Pain and inflammation can occur immediately which is considered an acute response, or gradually and last for a long time, which is considered a chronic response.

Acute responses are the body’s typical initial response associated with changes in the affected area. Simply put, this response and the damaging impact it has on the internal body results in pain, soreness, and swelling that is triggered by certain activities.

Chronic responses, referred to as chronic pain, are similar though the pain is much worse and can make it difficult to live every day life. Chronic pain is linked to oxidative stress which is defined as an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body. Oxidative stress begins a vicious cycle of cell damage which can be difficult to overcome. Chronic pain is a result in various injuries and diseases.

A CBD roll on works by targeting these areas by entering the body through the skin pores. CBD roll ons are applied directly to the infected areas and absorbed into the body to take affect.

Top 8 Reasons To Choose CBD Roll Ons

With there being so many different ways to use CBD, why would you choose CBD roll ons? Of all the methods to use CBD, CBD roll ons provide a unique experience that can be useful to many people. Here are the top reasons to choose CBD roll ons if you are thinking of adding CBD to your lifestyle

CBD effectiveness has been backed by research

CBD has been proven effective when consumed or applied topically thanks to years of research. CBD products like CBD topical salves and CBD roll ons are prescribed and recommended to help ease. Knowing that CBD has been proven effective in these areas makes many people curious about the wonders of CBD. Most people are unaware of the potential effects that come with using cannabis products, and especially CBD, which isn’t as commonly known as THC.

CBD roll ons offer a simple application process

Some CBD products take a lot of thought and preparation to use, but CBD roll ons are not this way. CBD roll ons involve one of the most simplistic application processes. Most people like to keep it simple and eliminate a lot of the stress and guesswork that often come with using some medicines. CBD roll ons are for those that just want to keep it short and sweet and get right to the healing. CBD rolls ons are easy to apply and easy to enjoy!

CBD roll ons do not get you high

Getting stoned may appeal to some people, but not everyone. Products that contain THC are often enjoyed recreationally as many people love the psychoactive effects that it produces. But sometimes you want a different feeling and sometimes products contain THC may cause unwanted side effects like psychosis. CBD offers that different feeling. CBD products typically do not contain THC, so these products are not used to get you high. Even more, CBD roll ons are not consumed, they are applied to the skin, so there is an even slimmer chance that these products will produce any mind-bending effects.

With CBD roll ons there is no stress about dosing

Dosing can be a pain. To ensure that you are using CBD properly some products require you to measure the dosage that you are using to ensure that the products will be effective. This is totally different with CBD topicals, like CBD roll ons. While you may not use overly generous amounts of a CBD roll on just based on it being unnecessary, you don’t have to worry about figuring out how to dose the way some other methods require. For example, with CBD gummies, you may wonder how many are necessary to reach your desired results and you may even be tempted to consume more than is recommended. But with CBD roll ons, all you really have to focus on is knowing the problem area and applying some of the topical to that area. Although CBD products do not contain THC, they should still be used responsibly, and this is a bit easier with CBD roll ons.

CBD roll ons do not have a taste

CBD roll ons are one of the easiest and effective ways to use it. Unlike some other methods, these non-edible products are effective without you needing to push through the unappealing taste of CBD to reap the effects it offers. CBD may not have the grossest taste in the world, but it does not taste especially delicious. CBD roll ons are a great alternative for that reason.

CBD rolls ons on the go

Sometimes we have places to go and things to do, but the healing shouldn’t stop. At it doesn’t have to thanks to the easy-to-store and easy-to-use nature of CBD roll ons. These products are usually slim and small and can be slipped into a your preferred bag with ease, and they can be applied to the skin without a hassle.

CBD roll ons gain less attention

Sometimes, there is really no way around it, if you are using a cannabis product in public, you may gain some unanticipated attention. This is especially true if you use something like CBD cigarettes in public. CBD roll ons appear as a typical skin product and doesn’t produce any type of potent smell, smoke or vapor that will grab the attention of people near by. Because of this, CBD roll ons can be used anywhere. You can enjoy the properties of CBD without worry about disturbing others with clouds of smoke or being asked what’s inside the tincture bottle you’re dropping in your mouth. The naturally discreet nature of CBD roll ons makes them ideal for public and private use.

CBD rolls ons are the lesser known option

An issue that comes with some popular methods like vapes and tinctures are brands entering the market that are not legitimate. As some products and brands become popular, some of them are duplicated and sold in select places but they are not the real thing. Topicals are rarely found in most places and it seems as if the audience for them is different. CBD topicals like CBD roll ons are easier to trust due to their potentially being fewer fake brands or products out there.

What is a CBD roll-on typically used for?

If you are considering adding a CBD roll on to your regimen, let’s talk about how they are typically used. CBD roll ons are products used as an alternative to consuming CBD that can potentially be effective for some people. CBD roll ons are commonly used by athletes that often suffer from injuries, as a way to naturally heal with CBD. However, these products can be used by anyone with an injury that can be healed safely with a topical product.

How to use CBD roll-on for muscles and joints?

When experiencing muscle and joint pain, it is recommended to consult with a doctor. This is especially necessary if you do not know the source or reason for this pain. Consulting with your doctor could help you get a diagnosis to better understand the cause of the pain. Using CBD roll ons for muscles and joint pains is quite simple. First, locate the problem area. Next, ensure that there is not open wound in the area, as CBD roll ons may contain ingredients that are for external use only. Once this is confirmed, open the product and use the rolling ball applicator to apply the CBD-infused oil to the affected area. The product may specify how much is necessary though it is best to cover the problem area thoroughly. It may not be necessary to apply multiple layers of the CBD roll on to the affected area but instead an even coat of the oil.

Is CBD actually absorbed through the skin?

You might be thinking that CBD topicals are too good to be true, but CBD can actually be absorbed into the skin. However, a topical CBD product is different than one that is consumed. Unlike a consumable product like one that is ingested via inhalation or consumed sublingually, a CBD product that is applied to the skin does not enter the bloodstream when you use it. A CBD topical product like a CBD hemp roll on connects with nearby cannabinoid receptors through the skin via the skin pores.

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