What is a CBD tincture?

The cannabis plant is composed of hundreds of cannabinoids and cannabidiol is one of the most commercially available. Also abbreviated as CBD, cannabidiol has some unique properties that help set it apart from Delta-9 THC, another popular cannabinoid. Unlike Delta-9 THC, CBD is a non psychoactive compound. This means that consuming CBD products will not alter the mind or mental state in any way. In other words, CBD products are not used recreationally to get high the way other cannabis-derived products like Delta-9 are. CBD is mostly used for medicinal purposes. CBD is used in multiple ways by many different people. It has become available in many states for purchase since it does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical in cannabis products that produces psychotropic effects.

There are multiple methods for using and consuming CBD products. Let’s briefly review the most commonly used CBD products.


CBD topical salves are applied to the skin, typically on a part of the body where there is some type of pain. CBD is well known for its effects, so topical salves may be prescribed or recommended for use in those areas. Topical salves are simply applied directly to the problem area and it is absorbed into the skin. Not all places that sell CBD will offer topical salves, but they can be found in select shops.


CBD gummies are gelatin-based products infused with CBD isolate. These are chewable treats made to consume CBD that many people enjoy. These are often flavored with fruity tasting terpenes and sweetener to give the gummies a candy-like flavoring. CBD gummies are one of the most effective methods for consuming CBD because of how quickly CBD enters the bloodstream. CBD gummies can be found at most places that sell CBD products.


Similar to CBD gummies, CBD edibles are also consumed by mouth. These can vary greatly in variety but they are typically some type of candy or dessert infused with CBD. You may find CBD infused chocolate bars or CBD infused cookies– the list really goes on. CBD edibles are enjoyable because they are often delicious and are a more discreet way to consume CBD. CBD edibles can be found where CBD products are sold.


If you enjoy taking relaxing baths and you want to take your routine to the next level, CBD bath bombs are ideal. These are a non-edible way to enjoy the potential properties of CBD. Simply prepare your bath and add a CBD bath bombs for some added comfort. These products are rare, but they are offered by some CBD brands.


CBD capsules are similar to your daily multivitamin. These are pill-like capsules that contain CBD. They can be taken with or without food or a beverage like most capsules, although the brand you choose may have specific usage details. CBD capsules are a good option for those that are good at taking pills and enjoy a quick, simple, mess-free way to use CBD. CBD capsules can also be found at select CBD shops.

While there are many ways to use CBD, one of the most popular and most effective methods is using a CBD tincture. By definition, a tincture is a medicine made by dissolving a drug in alcohol. CBD tinctures are made by dissolving CBD into alcohol, creating a liquified CBD mixture which is often combined with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil or olive oil. Unlike Delta-9 and some other cannabinoids, tinctures containing CBD are typically made with naturally occurring terpenes or flavonoids that give these products more of an earthy taste. CBD tinctures don’t contain sugars or other sweeteners like what you may experience with CBD gummies, though they are just as effective, if not more effective. Additionally, CBD tinctures tend to come with fewer health risks when made with organic ingredients. So there is no need to worry about some of the potential issues that may come with consuming CBD by other methods. CBD is also often used in tinctures along with other cannabinoids like Delta-8, which helps give those products less potent effects. However, there are some tinctures that contain nothing but CBD. If you are interested in CBD, and wish to have an alternative to topical salves or eating gummies, then tinctures are the best choice.

How do CBD tinctures work?

Tinctures are a unique way for to use CBD. Tinctures differ in taste and effectiveness when compared to other methods. CBD tinctures are fast acting and preferred by many people because of this. Let’s talk about how work. First, what is a tincture anyway?


First, tinctures are specifically made to be used via ingestion. In other words, tinctures are most effective when consumed rather than applied topically like a salve or added to a bath like a bath bomb. Tinctures come in a glass bottle that may vary in size. Each bottle contains some specified measurement of CBD-infused tincture oil. The amount of CBD included varies from brand to brand and can be found on the packaging. Each glass bottle is capped with a top that has a glass dropper tube attached to it. This is used to suction the oil inside the glass bottle and consume the CBD-infused oil in the way that you prefer. Each dropper typically contains 1mL of CBD oil with some percentage of CBD per serving. Again, this varies depending on the brand based on how much of the additional ingredients, like oils, are included in each drop. Once you know the ratio of oil to CBD in each bottle, you will better know how much of the tincture you would like to consume. Each brand typically recommends a specific dose to help with this. So, if you are concerned about dosage, there’s no need to worry. It is always advised to consume or use a small amount of a CBD tincture to get the hang of how the hemp-derived compound affects you.

Why use CBD tinctures?

As you know, there are so many ways to use CBD. As CBD becomes more popular and people recognize the potentially helpful properties it contains, it will only become more available in other methods. With there being so many different CBD products, many people can’t help but question if they should be using CBD. Here are 4 reasons to use CBD tincture to help you decide if they are the product for you.

Good for beginners

If you have never tried cannabis products before and you want to dip your toes in without being overwhelmed by some of the psychoactive affects that comes with cannabis, CBD tinctures may be for you. This is due to the fact that CBD tinctures do not contain THC, the compound in cannabis products that get people high and make some people experience psychosis episodes. If you wish to avoid this but can’t knock that curiosity about cannabis, CBD tinctures are a good place to start.

Alternative to other cannabis-derived products

On the other hand, if you have used cannabis products at least once or if you use them regularly, CBD tinctures may be a different product worth trying. These could be enjoyable if you dislike the effects of cannabis or if you want to take a break from cannabis, either to assist with your tolerance levels or to just to take a hiatus from getting stoned. CBD tinctures can be a nice getaway from the usual effects of cannabis by providing comfort without the same effects.

Effective way to use CBD

Tinctures are found to be most effective when consumed sublingually. CBD travels through the bloodstream a lot faster when using this method, which means the effects tend to kick in a lot quicker.

Simple way to use CBD

They may seem tricky at first when figuring out dosage, but once you got that part down, CBD tinctures are pretty simple. Just place a drop or two beneath your tongue when you want your CBD and wait for the effects to kick in. There are many different ways to use CBD, however, tinctures are among the top methods thanks to their effectiveness and simplistic nature.

How to Take CBD Tincture Under Your Tongue

There are multiple ways to use CBD tinctures. Ultimately, the method you choose depends on your personal preference. You can place a few drops of a CBD tincture into a beverage of your choice. This is an option if you find the taste of the tincture to be unappealing or if you find it soothing to drink a CBD-infused beverage. Another option is using CBD tinctures to make your own edibles. Sometimes tinctures are used to make homemade gummies or edibles, but this is not something for everyone. If you enjoy whipping up delicious treats in the kitchen and have the patience for it, making CBD-infused goodies is another potential way to use CBD tinctures and alter the taste.

Although these are a few potential ways to use CBD tinctures, they are not necessarily the most effective. There is an easier way to consume CBD tinctures which is consuming them directly by mouth. Consuming CBD tinctures directly by mouth is the quickest and most effectual way to experience the effects of CBD. Specifically, consuming CBD tinctures sublingually is the best way to go. This simply means placing a few drops under your tongue, as opposed to placing drops on top of the tongue.

Most people prefer to do this in front of a mirror, to ensure that the drops go directly under their tongue. Once you have your tincture in hand and you are standing in front of the mirror, simply draw in your desired amount of CBD-infused oil in the tincture dropper, and place a few drops under your tongue. After this, it may take at least 30 minutes for the CBD to kick in. You may start to notice that you simply feel difference in the body. You can use your CBD tincture whenever you need a few drops and you can even take your tincture with you on the go.

Before using your CBD tincture, be sure to read the packaging label thoroughly. Follow any given instructions about the product and make sure you know how to store it after it has been opened.

Why to choose Natures Wealth's CBD tinctures?

Now you know what CBD tinctures are and how to determine whether you should add them to your regimen, let’s talk about where you can get CBD tinctures. Before we dive into the details on finding the best CBD tinctures, it’s important to note the importance of quality. CBD tinctures are becoming increasingly more popular as CBD continues to thrive. Despite being one of the most preferred and effective ways to use CBD, not all CBD tinctures are made with the same quality. For top shelf CBD tinctures, Nature’s Wealth is the way to go.

Nature’s Wealth are industry leaders established in sunny Southern California that specialize in high quality hemp-derived products that are blissfully organic. They offer the best CBD tinctures for sale online which are available in three different strengths.

First, they have a CBD HEMP EXTRACT OIL THAT CONTAINS 500 MG. This regular strength tincture is super affordable and perfect for those introducing CBD to their lifestyle. There is also an extra strength CBD HEMP EXTRACT OIL THAT CONTAINS 1000 MG. This is ideal for those that may be a little more familiar with CBD and wish to add a balanced supplement of CBD to their everyday life. Lastly, Nature’s Wealth offers CBD isolate, which is has the highest potency of the three. This maximum strength product contains 1500 MG and is ideal if you want an advanced CBD blend.

Each of these CBD tinctures have been lab tested. Nature’s Wealth proudly partners with third party testing labs to create safe and effective CBD experiences. These CBD tinctures are THC-free, Non-GMO, and gluten free and vegan. Keep in mind that although CBD does not contain THC, high doses of CBD may cause drowsiness. Before using a Nature’s Wealth CBD tincture, be sure to consult with your doctor. If you are ready to give CBD tinctures a try, visit the NATURE’S WEALTH WEBSITEto find each of these CBD tinctures, along with what ingredients are included and details on how to use them.