CBD Edibles

What are the High-Quality CBD Edibles?

High-quality CBD edibles are industry leading consumable food products containing the CBD compound found naturally occurring in hemp or cannabis plants that provide multiple health benefits and delicious tastes to all that have the pleasure to try them. These CBD infused edibles contain safe, laboratory tested compounds that are beneficial for your health upon consumption such as stress or pain relief among many, many more. As featured on CNN for the treatment of seizures in children as young as 3, CBD and CBD oil edibles are changing the lives of its users the world over. 

With high-quality CBD edibles, you can be assured that specific chemical processes have gone into making the product to ensure a quick absorption time of the CBD into the bloodstream when the product is consumed. We use top-shelf ingredients to make sure that our customers experience the highest quality when they buy CBD edibles.

How to Take CBD Edibles?

It really depends on what food product you are eating on how to take the CBD edible. For example, some CBD products are sublingual strips just like a Listerine mouth freshener strip that are placed on the tongue. Other CBD edibles such as gummies and chocolates are eaten just as you would eat normal candies. These products are able to be dosed in various measurements to ensure that you are getting all the CBD that you would like. Whether you are placing the oil on your body or eating the oils, there are various applications to consume CBD even outside of edibles, so find the one that works the best for you among the many different delicion options that are available when you are looking for CBD edibles for sale. 

How Long Do Edibles Last?

Each individual reacts differently to how CBD edibles affect their body. Because of the many different anecdotal evidence towards CBD the best way to see how CBD affects you is of course taking it, which is easy enough to do because of the minimal risks involved. Typically CBD edibles last 2-6 hours but of course many factors affect this including how much food you have in your stomach and whether or not you are taking CBD on an empty stomach. 

CBD Edible Benefits and Effects

CBD infused edibles have multiple health benefits and effects. It is noted that Olympic athletes take CBD because it is not a performance enhancing drug and is known to help heal muscles and other parts of the body after strenuous activity. Of course, that is only one of the many effects including stress and anxiety relief including pain relief as well. There are those who take CBD to reduce the amount of seizures and epilepsy as well as having this benefit in children! Some may take CBD as a sleep aid while others might be stimulated by taking CBD. It just really depends on the body and CBD can be paired with other chemicals such as caffeine to provide more of a range of what the current effects are already capable of achieving. 

CBD Edibles Pros & Cons

In the personal opinion of many, the benefits of CBD far outweigh the cons. Most users do not experience any side effects but if they are experienced these include low blood pressure, fatigue or lightheadedness, or dry mouth. As the intended effect of some users is to help them fall asleep, others may not enjoy the drowsiness if their body reacts to the CBD in this manner. Because everyone has a different body, reactions can be very opposite from one person to the next. Other things to keep in mind when taking CBD is that much of the evidence of health benefits are anecdotal, meaning they come from a person’s individual experience and that limited research exists from a scientific standpoint. Because of this being a relatively new product and industry, the regulations are not as strict, and sometimes higher than legal amounts of THC may be found in CBD products. Other than that, please do consult a doctor if you are taking other medications, vitamins, or supplements to see if CBD has drug interactions with those chemicals. While non-psychoactive, it may enhance the sedative properties of other medications intended for the purposes of inducing drowsiness. Consult a doctor if you are pregnant before taking CBD. 


CBD Edibles - FAQ’s 

1. What is CBD Edibles best for?

CBD edibles are best for quickly consuming CBD without attracting attention that you are ingesting any medication other than the edible infused with the CBD. 

2. How long does it take for CBD edibles to kick in?

It usually takes up to an hour for the CBD edibles to kick in. Different factors can influence this including how much food you have in your stomach and the way an individual’s body reacts with CBD, meaning some may experience effects or some may be effects longer if ingested at the same time. 

3. Are edibles better with CBD?

Plenty of people eat snacks and junk food daily. If you are able to infuse CBD, a chemical known and loved by many for its health benefits, you can argue that edibles are better with CBD as they now provide a health benefit when before they would only be considered guilty pleasures. For those who now have fewer seizures because of CBD, they do not only think edibles are better with CBD but that in general, they are experiencing a miracle found in nature.

4. Can you make edibles out of CBD?

It is possible to buy kits online and in-stores that allow one to make their own CBD edibles and CBD products. Usually, the edibles found in stores are made with professional equipment, but even an amateur can follow instructions and recipes online to extract CBD from a hemp plant and to infuse the CBD with whatever product they would like to make the edible of. 

5. Are CBD edibles good for stress support?

There are many who take CBD edibles solely for the reduction of stress and tension. Because of an individual’s unique reaction to CBD, the result effects of taking CBD for stress reports may vary from person to person. To those that do benefit from CBD edibles as a form of stress support, they are unable to go a day without CBD infused edibles. 

6. How many CBD Edibles can I eat?

People usually take 1-5 gummies when eating CBD infused edibles containing gummies or generally 1-5 pieces of whatever chocolate or candy when they consume the CBD edibles they have purchased. There is no general rule for how many CBD edibles you can take and because of the lack of psychoactive effects, you can’t take “too many” but just like overeating any food or candy, you can feel the ill-effects of eating too much. There is no universal dosage and each individual can take as many or as little as their body feels comfortable taking. 

7. Do CBD edibles help to ease the pain?

There is much anecdotal evidence pointing towards CBD edibles being greatly beneficial for pain relief. Some studies have also been done showing signs that CBD infused edibles and CBD products, in general, are analgesic, meaning that the chemical itself is inherently beneficial towards pain relief. 

8. Are CBD edibles good for sleep?

CBD has been reported to have sedative properties. As such, it is beneficial in the treatment of insomnia but as everyone reacts differently to the chemical, some may not experience any drowsiness whatsoever. There is still much support with a user experience that paired with other sedative chemicals, CBD and CBD infused edibles tend to increase the sedative effects and work in synergy towards providing a good night’s sleep. 

9. What are the side effects of CBD edibles?

You may consume too much sugar when eating CBD edibles and feel the effects of that if you are eating too much of the CBD infused edible product. Some users experience drowsiness. Otherwise, CBD is relatively risk-free and most users do not experience any side-effects when consuming CBD edibles. Other side-effects may include dry mouth which is easily treated with drinking water.

10. Will CBD edibles show on a drug test?

Depending on what form of CBD product you are taking, generally speaking, there is no THC in CBD products or if there is, a very little amount of less than 0.3% (the federal legal limit for CBD products) which is negligible for drug tests. It is advised to be careful where you purchase your CBD as some products contain higher than the legal limit by accident because of a lack of regulation. 

11. Are CBD edibles legal?

Yes, because of the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill Act, any CBD product containing less than 0.3% THC is legal. As such, CBD edibles containing less than this THC amount will be legal in the United States and most of the rest of the world. Please double check with your local laws to make sure that you are not breaking any lesser known laws that we might have overlooked.

12. Are CBD edibles safe to take?

We ensure that all our products are independently tested and verified before being delivered to the customer. Ensuring that our customers receive leading industry standard CBD edibles, we aim to only provide the safest product. Whether CBD is right for you is something one can figure out after trying the product but overall we ensure that the product itself will be completely safe for consumption and as risk-free as possible for the user.

13. How to know what's in CBD edibles?

Most CBD products will contain the ingredients on the labeling. If purchasing online, please be sure to read the descriptions as most product information is available listed by the online retailer. When purchasing in-store, the nutritional information will contain all the necessary information if the product is being sold in a legal store as mandated by law.