CBD Skin Care


CBD Skin Care

As wellness remains at the forefront of most of our minds, CBD products are becoming more and more popular. Plant medicine is now being normalized and is preferred by many people. CBD is used to make more than just consumable products– like CBD cigarettes and CBD tinctures. CBD is also used to make topical skincare products. Before learning about the various CBD based skin care products, let's take a closer look at CBD's properties.

The CBD acronym stands for cannabidiol, a cannabinoid. There are several different cannabinoids found in marijuana. CBD is a popular cannabinoid produced in cannabis for several reasons. The four main reasons CBD has become popular include:


CBD is not the only cannabinoid found in cannabis, but its one of the main ones. CBD is produced in large amounts in cannabis. CBD is also not that difficult or expensive to extract and isolate. This is one of the main reasons why many different types of CBD products are so widely available. Even more, CBD is legal in most states. 

THC content 

CBD is different from some other cannabinoids you are probably familiar with. Delta-9 and Delta-8 are two other popular cannabis-derived cannabinoids. These are significantly different than CBD. The common factor between these cannabinoids is that they are found in cannabis. However, Delta-8 and Delta-9 include significant amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol, known better as THC. You may have noticed the abbreviation ‘THC’ being used in the world of cannabis, so let’s talk more about what it is. 

A major active ingredient in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol, a crystalline compound. It is mainly THC that causes cannabis' effects. THC produces effects that are psychoactive, a word used to describe increased activity in the brain, or body. This sensation is often referred to as being “high” or “stoned” in  the cannabis world. THC is found in miniscule amounts in CBD, so these effects are not associated with CBD. 


Cannabis is incredibly diverse. So, naturally, CBD is too. The benefits of CBD are numerous. As mentioned, CBD products are not used to get high. CBD is no one trick pony! High quality CBD products are often used in the form of gummies, tinctures, and skin care products. 


Now, let's finally talk about the effects of CBD. Since its cannabis-derived, you might be wondering how CBD makes you feel. CBD is naturally low in THC thus the effects are not like what you would experience with weed. CBD binds to the endocannabinoids in the body. When CBD enters the bloodstream and if the CBD is in a topical product as opposed to a consumable product, it is absorbed via skin pores and binded to the same receptors. CBD is mainly known for its potential soothing effects.

With CBD being one of the leading cannabinoids, it’s no surprise that people are becoming interested in CBD for skin care. In this article, we are breaking down the different types of CBD skin care products, CBD skin care effects, how CBD skin products differ from non-CBD skin products and where to find the best CBD skin care products. 

Skin Types 

CBD beauty products have a lot of potential but they arent guaranteed to work for everyone. When discussing what CBD can do you for skin, it’s important to note that there are many different skin types, so CBD beauty products may impact everyone differently. Let’s review some common skin types to help learn more about the potential of CBD beauty products.

Normal skin

Normal skin refers to skin that is neither too dry nor too oily. Normal skin describes skin with a regular texture that does contain imperfections, is clean, appears soft and does not require special care. 

Dry skin

Dry skin occurs for various reasons. It can be caused by an external factor such as low air humidity, immersion in hot water, or weather conditions and can be temporary. It can also occur frequently or long term. Dry skin can be very uncomfortable and itchy in some cases. There are mild cases of dry skin and severe cases, which often appear in the form of small cracks in the skin. Dry skin care can also be a symptom of a skin allergy or disease, like atopic skin, which leads to irritation and desquamation, which is dry, peeling skin.

Oily skin

Oily skin is usually linked to hormonal and/or genetic causes. Oily skin is caused by excessive fat production by the sebaceous glands. These glands produce a light yellow oily substance called sebum that keeps the skin on the face moisturized. Sebum production is natural, but overproduction leads to oily skin. Oily skin has a porous, humid, and sometimes bright appearance. Oily skin is very common for adolescents and people under 30 years of age and usually occurs alongside acne. 

Combination skin

Combination skin is characterized as skin that is both dry and oily. Combination skin is especially common in the T-zone, which inclues the forehead, nose and chin area, while the skin on the cheeks is normal or dry.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is fragile skin that is more prone to react to stimuli that normal skin does not react to. Sensitive skin is typically accompanied by feelings of discomfort, like itching, redness, tightness or heat. Sensitive skin is a result of lost protective barriers that exposes the skin to microorganisms and irritating substances. Sensitive ski typically requires more care to combat dryness, roughness and maintain a usual appearance. 

Understanding your skin type can help you understand how CBD skin care products may improve your skin. CBD skin care products differ from brand to brand, and some products may be oil based. Because of this, not all products that contain CBD will be for you. It is best to select a CBD skin product based on your skin type, to ensure the best results. Identifying your skin type will help you determine which CBD product to add to your skin care regimen. 

What CBD can do for the skin?

CBD works with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a central regulatory system that helps to promote balance through various receptors. The body then begins to fight to maintain homeostasis– a state of steady internal, physical, and chemical conditions. Homeostasis is the condition of optimal functioning for an organism and includes many variables, like body temperature and fluid balance, being kept within certain pre-set limits.

CBD skin care products enter the ECS through the skin pores and can impact the skin in various ways, including: 


Acne breakouts are a pain. Acne is a hormonal reaction that appears in the form of redness and swelling. Research shows that CBD is related to anti-inflammation and normalizing skin cell growth. So CBD may potentially help with acne breakouts.


Inflammation may not always occur in the form of acne and instead be a result of other skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea. CBD may help with mild cases of inflammation but may require help from a skin care professional. 


A past study found that CBD topical skin care products helped to improve scar tissue in patients. 


CBD is an antioxidant, which gives it anti-aging potential. This may appear in the form of more hydrated and revitalized skin, or fewer wrinkles in some cases.

High quality, lab tested CBD skin care products can be beneficial for any skin type. Before trying out CBD skin care products for any of the above purposes, consulting a skin care professional is necessary. It is best to have a clear understanding of any skin conditions or allergies before using these products. Additionally, CBD skin care products may not work for everyone. Meeting with a professional skin care consultant or expert can help you learn how your skin may react to CBD skin care products. If you use CBD skin care products and experience an allergic reaction, refrain from using the product and consult a doctor. 

CBD Face Creams Vs Regular Face Creams 

Face creams are a part of daily skin care regimens to help maintain good skin. Face cream is a thick lotion made to keep the face soft and moisturized. Face creams may also help retain elasticity in the skin, which may help reduce wrinkles, age spots and other fine lines. Face creams infused with CBD are another skin care product that is becoming popular. If you don't currently use a face cream, you might be wondering if its really necessary. Let’s take a closer look at how face creams are used and the difference between CBD face creams and non CBD face creams.

Non-CBD face cream

Face cream is a little different from your typical moisturizer. A face cream is typically more moisturizing than a regular moisturizer, like a body lotion. Face cream usually has an oil base to maintain lubricated skin on the face. Because face creams do typically contain a bit of oil, its best to keep this in mind if you have oily skin. Face creams are typically used for those that could utilize from some added moisturization. It is typically applied after cleansing and toning the face. Face creams help with depigmentaion and maintaining glowing skin.

CBD face cream

CBD face cream may be similar to non CBD face creams on a base level. However, CBD face cream are different because they also include the unique properties of CBD. Like all face creams, CBD face cream works best on clean skin and should be selected in accordance with your skin type. It is important to note that CBD face cream may differ from CBD skin cream, in that one is made for the face and one is made for the body. 

While CBD face cream is becoming more popular, it is not guaranteed to work for everyone and should be used with caution.

How to use CBD for skin care 

Using CBD may not appeal to everyone. On the other hand, skin care products may appeal to those that want an alternative method for using CBD. There are various ways to use CBD for skin. If you know your skin type, you might be able to determine which type of CBD product is best for you. Let’s review some popular CBD skin care products. 

CBD Moisturizer

Moisturizers help the skin retain moisture. Using a daily moisturizer may be necessary if you suffer from dry skin or live in a dry environment. Regularly moisturizing the skin can help maintain radiant, glowing skin. Applying daily moisturizer can also be a soothing step in your regimen. CBD-infused moisturizers can take your skin care routine to the next level. There are CBD moisturizers out there for the face and others for the body. A moisturizer with the added properties of CBD can be enjoyable for some. Using a CBD moisturizer is just one way to add CBD to your daily skincare routine. 

CBD Cream

You may be wondering how cream differs from moisturizer. These two types of skin care serve similar purposes, but differ in their consistency and when they might be necessary. Skin care creams are typically of a thicker consistency, whereas a moisurizer may have a more loose, water-based consistency. There are face creams and body creams, and its best to only use them as instructed. Skin creams are typically oil based, so they help with dry skin. CBD face cream is a common way to welcome CBD into your regimen and there are many different brands to choose from. 


Another type of CBD cream is body cream, which can applied to the whole body. These two different creams may differ slightly, so always read the labels. 

CBD facial oil 

Face oil is another common way to use CBD. Just to clarify, CBD face oil is completely different from CBD tinctures. CBD tinctures can be taken by mouth, while CBD face oil specifically made for the face can not. CBD face oil can be used as a part of your daily skincare routine, just like any other type of facial oil. CBD face oil may be ideal for those with dry skin, as they can help the skin retain moisture and add a nice glowful touch to your skin. When selecting a CBD face oil, always learn what ingredients are included and if they will best serve your skin type.

Body oil

There are also CBD oils made for the body. As mentioned before, it's generally advised to use body specific products for the body and face products for the face. Using a CBD body oil can help retain moisture in the skin and they are commonly used after a shower.

As CBD continues to become more popular, there are many different ways to incorporate it into your skin care routine. Before trying out any CBD skin care products, its best to select only the best products made with premium CBD and to begin with a small patch test. 

Why to Choose Natures Wealth CBD Skin Care products

Nature's Wealth is the best place to get your CBD online. They offer a variety of products made using premium CBD on their website including CBD favorites, CBD skin care essentials and everything in between. If you want to try CBD for skin, here are some must haves to add to your list. 

CBD Full Spectrum Facial Oil 500 MG

The Nature's Wealth Full Spectrum Facial Oil is a rich blend of high-performing full spectrum CBD natural plant oils. This facial oil is vegan-friendly, non-GMO and made with only the ingredients that are suitable for the most sensitive part of your body. 

This CBD facial oil at Nature’s Wealth can be used in various ways, including:

  • as a daily facial moisturizer

  • to help protect the skin 

  • to help fight wrinkles and fine lines 

  • as a makeup primer

  • to help fight acne 

  • to help maintain radiant, glowing skin


With 500 MG of premium CBD, this facial oil is for all skin types. 2 to 3 drops is all it takes to get moisturize your skin with this premium face oil. You can buy this CBD face oil today on the Nature’s Wealth website. 

CBD Full Spectrum Vitamin C Cream 500 MG 

Nature’s Wealth also offers a vitamin C cream on their website that contains 500 MG of full spectrum CBD. Vitamin C is a dermatologist recommended addition to your skin care regimen as it offers various effects like helping with hyperpigmentation, supporting collagen production and keeping the skin bright and hydrated. Nature‘s Wealth combines this powerhouse vitamin with CBD to create a premium vegan-friendly, non gmo face cream. This super booster cream can be added to your night routine following your facial cleanser. This vitamin C CBD cream can be used for all skin types and is available for purchase on the Nature’s Wealth website

CBD Essentials Kit

If you’re interested in CBD for skin and you want a little bit of everything, you will love the Nature’s Wealth CBD Essentials Kit. 

This kit includes a full spectrum CBD facial oil that contains 300 MG of CBD. This is just enough for those new to CBD that might be hesitant on giving it a try. There is also a topical salve that includes 1000 MG of CBD. Topical salves are generally used to soothe and heal skin conditions. Salves can be applied by simply using the fingers to massage the product directly into the affected area. 

The third item in this essentials kit is a CBD roll-on with 300 MG of CBD. If you are unfamiliar with roll-ons, these products typically include a blend of oils that can be applied to a concentrated area on the skin. A CBD roll-on is just like your typical roll-on except for it includes, you guessed it, CBD! 

This all-in-one bundle available at Nature’s Wealth is a must-have if you are interested in trying CBD for the skin but don’t know where to start. This kit includes 3 convenient products that will satisfy those curious about CBD and fit comfortably in any skin care regimen. What better place to get your CBD skin products than one of the leading CBD retailers in the industry? Visit Nature’s Wealth today to add top shelf CBD products to your skin care regimen. 

CBD Skin Care - Frequently Asked Questions

Are CBD skin care products safe? 

While there are general advantages of using CBD products, there are other measures to consider when determining their safety. Like all CBD products, CBD skin care products should be lab tested. This is a big factor in the safety of these products. Only select CBD skin care products that have been lab tested. Additionally, learning more about your skin such as your skin type, skin allergies or conditions you have and what about your skin care needs can help you determine if CBD skin care products are safe for you. 

Is CBD good for the skin? 

CBD products may come with some added value for the skin, but this doesn’t mean  they are good for everyone. There are a few factors to consider when determining if CBD is good for your skin. First, consider your skin type and how you typically react to products. Next, consider the type of product you are seeking. Lastly, but most importantly, consider the quality of the product. 

Do CBD skin care products contain THC? 

CBD is naturally low in THC, but most CBD products do not contain THC. There may be some CBD products that do contain THC, though, so it is always best to read the label thoroughly to ensure that these products do not contain THC. 

Are there any side effects to CBD in skin care? 

Research continues on the effectiveness of CBD in various forms including skin care. As we know, there are no severe side effects that come with CBD skin care products. However, this does not mean it is impossible. When trying any type of CBD skin care it is advise to test the product on a small part of the skin as opposed to applying the product on larger amounts of the skin. Patch testing can help you learn how your skin will react to the product and determine if you wish to continue using that product. 

Does CBD make your skin better? 

There are many factors that can contribute to the overall condition of your skin. No matter the type of product or how often it is applied, a skin care product alone will not make your skin better. The state of your skin depends on not only what you put on it but also what foods you eat and how often you hydrate yourself. CBD skin care products may serve as a potential bonus to your skin care, but they should not be used as your primary source of skin wellness. 

Is CBD legal in skin care? 

CBD products can be purchased legally in most states and they can even be purchased online. CBD skin care products can be found in various types of stores including shops that specifically sell CBD products or other skin care specialty shops. 

What CBD is best for skin? 

The best CBD products for skin will typically be marketed as body care products. These are products that can be applied to the body, as opposed to the face, which is considered to be more sensitive. 

Is CBD face cream good for your skin? 

If a product indicates that it is specifically for your body, it may not be ideal for your face. A face cream is designed for the face because they contain Ingredients that best suits the sensitive skin on the face. Knowing your skin type ahead of time can help you best determine if a CBD face cream is good for you and what type to add to your regimen. 

What happens if you put CBD cream on your face? 

Applying CBD body cream to the face is not advised. This is because the skin on the body is much tougher than skin on the face. Even if you do not consider your skin to be sensitive, the skin on your face still requires more gentle products than the skin on your body. If you apply CBD cream on your face, make sure the product is designed for the face and supports your skin type. 

Is CBD good for wrinkles? 

CBD has been said to support anti-aging, but this does not mean that every product will work in this way. Selecting a product with a good reputation and that is made using quality ingredients will help increase your chances of reaping the potential anti-aging properties of CBD. 

Does CBD make you look younger? 

Despite the potential anti-aging properties of CBD, CBD is not guaranteed to make you look younger. However, CBD, along with other natural ingredients can help the skin remain radiant.

What is CBD facial oil good for? 

CBD facial oil can be used for various purposes. CBD face oil is best for those that do not have oily skin and for those in need of some added moisture along with the other effects that come with CBD.