What Is a CBD Salve?

Cannabinol, or CBD, is a cannabinoid produced naturally in the hemp plant. CBD is a non-psychoacative compound found in hemp and its used to make various products. CBD gummies, tinctures, and cigarettes are just a few ways CBD can be used. But did you know that CBD can also be used on the skin? CBD skin care is more than just a trend. CBD topical products are used as an alternative to CBD that does not require digestion or inhalation.

CBD topical products are skincare products infused with CBD and they work a little differently than non-topical CBD products. CBD topical products are designed especially for the skin. Just as CBD enters the bloodstream through the digestive tract, it can also enter the body through skin pores. When CBD enters the body through the skin pores, it binds to receptors in the body just as it would with other products. And that is how CBD topicals take effect!

CBD is a regular part of everyday life for many people and the number of CBD products out there are steadily increasing, thanks to recent legal changes. In this article, we are covering one of the most popular topical CBD products that you can buy today– CBD salves.

A salve is a cream, ointment or balm that is used to heal and protect the skin. Each of these terms are somewhat interchangeable, as they each contain a lot of the same ingredients. The ingredients in a CBD salve will differ from brand to brand, though they tend to follow the same general recipe – including a combination of waxes, carrier oils, essential oils and CBD of course!

CBD salves give you the restorative perks of a traditional salve, plus the therapeutic properties of CBD. CBD is a natural hemp extract that works especially well when combined with other extracts.

CBD salves are unlike any product currently in your regimen. If you are ready to uplevel your skin care collection, keep reading to learn more about these effective topicals.

CBD Salves: How Are They Made?

CBD salves can be made many ways. The difference between CBD salves and lotions is that lotions use water and other moisturizing agents as their base. CBD salves, on the other hand, only use fatty oils and wax as a base, no water.

Some common fatty acid bases that may be used in a CBD salve include beeswax, coconut oil, carnauba, or candelilla wax. The base gives the salve a thick consistency, ideal for rubbing or massaging into problem areas. Coconut oil is especially good as a base because it helps to carry the CBD through the pores. The other bases are ideal if you are sensitive to coconut, though.

Additional carrier oils are also used to make CBD salves which can help take these products to the next level. Sweet almond, olive, sunflower, and apricot oil are just a few oils you may find in a CBD salve. These oils work in the same way as coconut oil by supporting the molecules in the CBD work throughout the skin. The options are endless when it comes to these carrier oils and they all offer something unique to the mix. You may find one or a few different carrier oils in a CBD salve.

Essential oils are another common ingredient in CBD salves. These natural extracts are really popular in skin care products, and they sort of act as the cherry on top of a CBD salve. Essential oils are popular as they add refreshing and comforting scents to skincare products. Some popular essential oils that may be found in a CBD salve are lavender oil, peppermint oil, orange oil, or tea tree oil. Essential oils not only add a wonderful, natural fragrance to the CBD salve, but each oil also contains various useful properties that complement CBD.

CBD contains trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), another component found in cannabis. The THC in CBD is present in trace amounts though, so there is no need to worry about experiencing the psychoactive effects of THC.

The star ingredient in the CBD salve is the CBD of course. CBD salves may vary in how much CBD is added, and this is usually found on the packaging label. All of these ingredients combined makes for the perfect, effective topical with a hemp twist. Because there are so many different ways to approach a CBD salve, these products are D.I.Y friendly.

Why Are Oils Used in CBD Salves?

Oils are a key ingredient in CBD salves, but why? Oils are extracted from plants and used in products like CBD salves. The oil portion of the base serves many different purposes. As mentioned above, oils with high content of fatty acids, like coconut oil, are responsible for carrying the CBD in the salve. In other words, the fatty acid molecules help make it easier for the CBD compound to travel through the pores and into the body.

Each oil used in a CBD salve is unique in what it can offer when applied to the skin. Oils are used for the ache controlling properties, and when combined pack various properties into one ultimate product. Oils are also moisturizing. CBD salves may be applied to the hands, arms, or other parts of the body so moisturization is a much appreciated bonus you get with these ingredients.

Not only are oils moisturizing, but they also smell amazing! Many oils have earthy, nutty, or floral scents thanks to their herbal origins. This often translates well in skin care products like CBD salves– giving the products an enjoyable natural fragrance. The smell of numerous oils blended together can even be pleasant for some, which explains why many people love aromatherapy.

A final reason oils are used in CBD salves is how they transform the texture of the product. Oils give the salve some ‘slip’, which makes them easier to smooth onto the skin. CBD salves are rarely made with water, so this helps with the overall application of the salve.

Why Use a CBD Salve?

You might be wondering if a CBD salve is for you. Adding CBD salves to your regimen comes with many advantages. Here are four reasons why someone might use a CBD salve.

CBD salves are a subtle introduction to CBD

CBD salves can be added to your daily life with ease. These products do not require measuring amounts of CBD or bearing the flavor of CBD. The more simplistic nature of a CBD salve makes it a likeable product. Taking a few minutes of your day to apply a moisturizing or adding it to your unwind routine can help you slow things down for the day. CBD salves require minimal effort and they are effective. Does it get any better than that?

CBD salves may be more appealing than other products

If you have tried or thought about other CBD products, then this reason is for you. You may use CBD salves if you have been on a long quest to find the CBD product and nothing seems to match your preferences or needs. Because CBD salves are a more subtle way to use CBD, they are easy to incorporate into one’s lifestyle without any known potential health risks. Plus, CBD salves are beginner-friendly, so no worries if you are new to CBD. You don’t have to follow complicated instructions with these CBD-infused products.

CBD salves can be used on the go

CBD salves can be used by anyone, anywhere! CBD salves are easy to use on the go. They are often packaged in small containers with a lid that can easily fit into any bag, mess-free. These products can be applied throughout the day as needed, and plus they are one of the more discreet ways to use CBD.

CBD salves are therapeutic

Skin care products have the ability to rejuvenate and restore, and CBD salves can do just that. CBD salves can especially help when combined with essential oils and other ingredients that amplify the therapeutic factor.

How Does a CBD Salve Work?

CBD salves are one of the few CBD products that do not require measuring out product, preparation prior to use, or the purchase of additional supplies. CBD salves are a simplified, yet effective, solution for those interested in CBD-infused skin care. The main factors to consider when understanding how CBD salves work is the area of application and the effect time.

Area of application

CBD salves must be applied to the skin. This is how the CBD is absorbed into the body where it can then take effect. To use CBD salves, you must first identify the area where you desire to use it. This is typically an area where you can ease discomfort. This CBD-infused skincare product is versatile and can be applied to multiple areas, but applying them where you need them most will help you achieve optimal results. Depending on the nature of the area, a CBD salve can be applied to areas that are sore, irritated or dry.

Effect time

After thoroughly massaging a CBD salve into the skin, you will notice it begin to take effect. There are a few factors that may impact how quickly the product takes effect. First, the strength of the CBD used in the product. These products are made at different CBD strengths which can impact how effective they are and at what rate. Another factor that may impact the effect time is simply the individual. CBD salves may not take effect at the exact same time for everyone. So, keep this in mind when awaiting the effects. Lastly, how much of a CBD salve is used can impact the effect time. Making sure that you apply enough of the salve to the problem area is necessary. This may come with trial and error, so take your time when learning what works for you. These products come with usage instructions and following any specified recommended amount can help ensure effectiveness.

How to Use CBD Salve Effectively

CBD salves are applied by massaging the product into the skin. The medicinal properties of the salve are worked into the skin which help to prevent friction. The CBD salve is most useful in areas where there is skin that needs to be mended. Issues such as chafing and eczema are some common uses for CBD salves. CBD salves are filled with healing ingredients that when absorbed into the skin may be useful. CBD salves can also be effective when they include certain ingredients that support your restorative needs. These effective topicals can be applied as needed and used regularly. Keep in mind that all CBD salves differ so always read the instructions prior to using.

What to look for when choosing a CBD salve

Because there are many different CBD salves out there, you should choose one that comfortably matches your needs. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a CBD salve.

Source of Hemp

CBD is derived from federally legal hemp plants, but where does the hemp come from exactly? The source of the hemp used in a CBD salve is essential for various reasons. You may be someone that loves supporting brands that use sustainable or clean practices to cultivate hemp. In this case, this information is invaluable to you!

Some brands are open about their cultivation practices, but some brands may not talk about this part of the manufacturing process. The source of the hemp matters because it can impact the effectiveness and quality of the product. Getting this level of transparency from a brand helps to establish healthy customer relationships and just legitimizes the product overall.


Skin allergies are common and it is important to keep them in mind when choosing a CBD salve. Skin allergies may appear in the form of itchiness or rashes, which are prompted when using certain products. Sometimes, skin allergies are known but sometimes they are unknown. If you are prone to sensitive skin, then choosing a CBD salve with minimal ingredients may be ideal.

Oil quality

Another determining factor when selecting a CBD salve is the oil grade. Oils are often used in CBD salves and simply put, quality matters. This is another piece of information that some brands will comfortably disclose. Learning about the grade of the oils used in a product may reduce the chance of allergic reactions. This is especially important if you are prone to break outs and suffer from sensitive skin. Top grade oils also help give the salves a better scent and contribute to an overall more optimal product.

Additional ingredients

You may choose a CBD salve based on what ingredients are included besides the CBD. If you prefer vegan products, you may avoid beeswax, so you might want to look for a CBD salve that uses a plant-based alternative, such as coconut oil. Or you may be someone that is allergic to tree nuts and in this case, coconut oil may be no good. Opting for another base like candelilla wax may be more suitable. The same applies for any other ingredients that you may be sensitive to or wish to avoid, for any reason. Besides just this though, knowing what is in a CBD salve can be one of the reasons why you decide it is the best choice for you. You may enjoy the smell of peppermint or lavender and always select products in these scents. Choosing a CBD salve based on the ingredients is a good way to make a choice. It helps ensure that you can use the product comfortably and safely.


CBD PRODUCTSare in the spotlight thanks to its medicinal potential. CBD is effective not only when taken by mouth, but also as a topical skin care product. A CBD salve is a popular CBD-infused cream or balm that can be a useful addition to any skin care collection.

When made with the right ingredients, CBD salves can be incredibly beneficial. These therapeutic topicals are often wax-based and infused with natural hemp extract and different oils that offer various effects. CBD salves contain many different ingredients that can be suitable for different preferences and skin types. Choosing a CBD salve that best suits your preferences assists to ensure that you avoid potential skin allergens.

CBD salves are applied by massaging the product into the skin where it immediately begins to take effect. There are multiple reasons you might consider a CBD salve. CBD salves are a useful product to have in your stash and they even make great gifts. CBD salves can be used during the day or at night and they are easy to apply on the go. If you use CBD regularly or have been on the fence about trying CBD, CBD salve are a good choice.