There are plenty of different ways to use cannabinol, more commonly known as CBD. And since most states have legalized the sale and use of CBD, you might find that these products are relatively easy to find. From how it impacts the body to what types of products are out there and how to use them properly, there are many things to know about this cannabis-derived compound.

If you are new to CBD altogether then you should know that CBD is found naturally in hemp or cannabis. CBD is a little different than what most people think of when they hear cannabis. CBD does not produce psychoactive effects, like what you would experience with traditional cannabis or marijuana. CBD is the cannabinoid out of the bunch that is non-psychoactive. In other words, CBD products won’t get you high or heavily intoxicated due to their low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels. Despite this though, there are some things to know to ensure that CBD can be effective for you. Find out which CBD products are available and how to use them effectively.

Reasons for Taking CBD Products

CBD products are much easier to find these days and there are several reasons why you might consider using them. CBD is one of the main cannabinoids produced in large quantities in both cannabis and hemp and it offers an experience, unlike any other cannabinoid you may have tried.

The following are five main reasons why one should consider trying CBD.

1. CBD is non-psychoactive

The term ‘psychoactive’ refers to changes in the mental state often as a result of using a substance like cannabis. Most cannabis products are favored for their psychoactive effects, usually described as a ‘high’. This is often described as a deep release that is euphoric and calming. These are merely examples to describe how it feels to experience a cannabis high. Cannabis can also be intoxicating and impairing — two effects you don’t get with CBD.

CBD is a little more forgiving when it comes to intoxication and it's all because of its chemical makeup. There is not as much THC in CBD products which helps diffuse the psychoactive effects quite a bit. But why exactly does this matter? Sometimes you want the relief that comes with using cannabis, but you don’t want the intoxication. Cannabis use is linked to psychosis, a condition that is characterized by increased anxiety and hallucinatory episodes. Since CBD has significantly lower levels of THC, you more than likely won’t find yourself feeling paranoid after using a CBD product. This is a plus if you have tried cannabis products and you dislike how potent the effects can be. This is also ideal if you never tried cannabis products and don’t want to begin with something very potent.

2. CBD is legal in most states

As you may know, cannabis is not legal in all states. But CBD is a little different. Since CBD naturally contains less THC than cannabis, the legality surrounding it is a little more lenient. CBD can be legally purchased in most states, though there may be some states that have certain restrictions on where you can purchase CBD products. Some states only permit the use of CBD with a medical license. Some other states will have CBD available for recreational use. Some states allow CBD for medicinal and recreational use. The legality of CBD varies from state to state. To learn more about the legal status of CBD products it is best to check the state laws.

3. CBD can be used daily

Another reason you might consider CBD is because it can be used daily. CBD binds to the receptors in the body that control some of the most important functions. So using CBD products daily can be useful for some people. CBD can be used regularly like any other supplement.. If using CBD for pain, know that it is best to consult a doctor before turning to CBD for pain relief. CBD may be effective in giving you relief from pain but it is not promised to heal any existing conditions.

Receiving a diagnosis for any persisting pain is advised for long-term treatment options before using CBD. It's best to use CBD when you have a better understanding of the source of the pain and can determine if CBD would be an effective remedy. Additionally, consider the quality of the CBD you are using. There are all sorts of CBD products out there, but they are not all of the same quality. Using premium CBD products is important when seeking optimal results. Lastly, It’s best to use CBD products under the care of a medical professional.

4. There are many CBD products to choose from

The different product options are endless with CBD. Not really, but there are many different ways to use CBD that may appeal to a variety of people. Most retailers that sell CBD usually offer various CBD products. From CBD oils and tinctures to topicals, flower, and edibles— there’s something out there for everyone no matter the lifestyle or personal preference.

5. CBD is beginner friendly

With past preceding social stigmas around cannabis, some people might be hesitant to give CBD a try. However, not only is CBD non-psychoactive, but it is easy to use which makes it suitable for those that have never tried cannabis products before. CBD products are a good way to test out the waters with cannabis without intoxication. Despite being easy to use though, CBD products do require careful measuring just like with any supplement.

CBD appeals to people for various reasons, and some people use it daily for multiple benefits. When seeking CBD products always choose the highest quality products you can find from manufacturers that offer a COA on all of their products. A COA, or Certification of Analysis, is a form completed by a third-party independent laboratory that essentially checks all of its products to ensure that they are ready for use. This includes making sure they are free from any impurities or toxic metals that shouldn’t be consumed. A third-party lab also measures the effectiveness of a particular product and determines the levels of all ingredients added. This information is relayed back to the customer so they can determine if the product is safe to use. Without a COA, you don’t know much about a CBD product, besides what the manufacturer tells you. So you can think of a COA as an additional layer of safety when it comes to CBD.

Different CBD dosages

Safety is a top priority when using CBD and to use it safely, you must know the proper amount to use. You want the product to be effective without overdoing it to the point of nausea or drowsiness. Although these products contain trace amounts of THC, they can still cause adverse effects when misused. In addition to this, some CBD products contain THC, as CBD is often used in Delta-8 products or Delta-9 products.

Understanding the right amount of CBD to use is crucial. Each CBD product includes usage instructions when specifying how to use the product effectively and safely. Most times CBD products are available in various strengths— essentially creating a range from normal to extra strength products. The difference between all of these products is how CBD is included which impacts things like potency and how quickly the products take effect. The normal strength products are usually best for beginners. The middle strength ones are best once you have used CBD for quite some time. And the extra strength products are usually best for those that are most familiar with CBD.

It’s best to use the lowest possible strength and amount of CBD– not only when trying CBD for the first time, but when trying a specific brand for the first time if you have used CBD before. Despite knowing the general characteristics of CBD, you may not know exactly how a CBD product will make you feel as it can have a different effect on everyone. The best bet when it comes to using CBD products is opting for the lowest strength possible and increasing the strength or amount gradually.

How Often Should You Use CBD Oil?

When adding a product like CBD oil to your regimen, you want to make sure you are taking enough of it to truly feel the effects. So, how often should you use your CBD oil? CBD oil can be used daily. When starting with CBD oil, it is best to take it once a day. Using CBD oil once a day allows you to determine if you enjoy the effects of CBD. Once you have begun taking CBD once a day, you might decide to increase it to twice a day depending on your needs and preferences. The CBD oil may include usage instructions that can help you decide how often to take CBD.

What’s the Best Time of the Day to Take CBD oil?

As you know, CBD oil is an effective way to get your daily CBD, but what time of day is best for using CBD? It is believed that taking CBD at least one hour before bed is one of the most effective times to take it. This is because CBD is more easily absorbed into the body when the body is at rest. Another bonus that comes with using CBD oil at night is potentially more restful sleep. This isn’t the only time to take CBD oil, though. CBD oil can be taken at all times of the day. When you should take CBD oil ultimately depends on your personal preferences and what is most convenient for you. You might find that taking CBD oil first thing in the morning is more convenient, or a few hours after lunch. CBD oil can be taken at any time of the day.

When to Take CBD Capsules and Gummies

CBD oil may be one of the most effective methods for using CBD, but it's not the only way. If you simply can not bear the taste of CBD oil, then you will love these next two CBD products. CBD capsules and CBD gummies are two other CBD products worth considering.

CBD capsules

CBD capsules are capsule pills that contain CBD. CBD capsules are ideal for those that have no issue taking pills. Simply grab a cup of water to wash down the pill and you are all set. One thing about CBD products that some people may be concerned about is how the CBD tastes. CBD capsules are perfect because the taste of CBD isn’t as pronounced as some other products. CBD isn’t the worst taste you will ever experience, but it may not necessarily be delicious.

CBD capsules are also one of the best CBD products because they do not require tricky measurements. The usage instructions are most often found on the pill container and closely following the instructions is advised. As far as when CBD capsules can be taken, you can use these hemp pills first thing in the morning. CBD capsules may also be taken when you are having a meal or any other time of day that you prefer. The most important thing to remember is to only take the necessary capsules and to make sure you are hydrated as this helps to break down the capsule so the CBD can take effect.

CBD gummies

And if you need yet another CBD product that you should consider, let us tell you about CBD gummies. CBD gummies are one of the most popular CBD products you will find on the market today. CBD gummies are like chewy candies, or fruit snacks, that contain CBD. This gummy form of CBD is usually available in various flavors, such as assorted fruits. CBD gummies are easy to love because they are usually made to taste good. These chewable gummies are one of the only CBD products that emphasize taste and flavor, in addition to effectiveness. There is usually a specified amount of CBD gummies that should be taken daily. CBD gummies can be used at various times of the day, depending on what works best for you. CBD gummies are a CBD product for those that want a fun and flavorful way to use CBD.

When to Take CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are the perfect alternative for those that do not like the taste of CBD. A CBD topical is simply a skin care product that is infused with CBD. CBD topicals are often made with other natural ingredients such as carrier oils like coconut oil and essential oils like lavender that can help support various issues.

To use these unique CBD products, you simply apply them to the skin, typically in an area where there is a persisting discomfort or where the skin is dry or irritated, as they can be moisturizing and soothing to the skin. The CBD in a CBD topical is then absorbed into the body through the skin pores and it is as simple as that. Now that you know CBD topicals are yet another effective way to use CBD, let’s talk about when to use them.

Like other methods of CBD, CBD topicals can be applied at any time of the day. You can apply a CBD topical product first thing in the morning as a part of your daily routine as an extra pick-me-up for the day. You can also apply CBD topicals at night, as CBD can be helpful for some. No matter when you decide to use CBD topicals, these products are a must-have in your skincare stash, for when you want your daily smear of CBD. CBD topical salves, body lotions, and face creams are some of the most popular topicals that can be found at select shops.


CBD products just might be the missing touch in your daily care routine. This hemp-derived compound is perfect for cannabis beginners and those seeking a less potent way to use cannabis. Knowing how much of a CBD product to take is very important. Measuring CBD properly can impact the effectiveness of the product and it can help you safely use CBD.

Knowing the best time of day to use CBD products is another significant factor to consider. You want to use CBD products when it is most convenient for you to ensure full effectiveness. These are two of the most important factors to consider when trying CBD. When measured properly and used at the right time, CBD can be really useful in many different ways. With the social stigmas surrounding cannabis slowly but surely diffusing, you will start to notice CBD products becoming more and more popular. If you live in a state where CBD products can be legally purchased, you might consider adding these products to your daily regimen to learn how they can help you.