As COVID-19 continues to surge the world, researchers have been trying to identify why it causes only mild symptoms for most, yet fatal for others. Studies suggest that it may be the immune system’s response to the infection, rather than the virus itself.

In the most extreme cases, the cytokine storms are one of the most deadly factors of the virus. Cytokines are small proteins released by many different cells in the body and coordinate the body’s response against infection and trigger inflammation. The worst COVID-19 symptoms recorded include excessive inflammation, swelling, pain, and loss of organ function. As the immune system attempts to fight off the infection, it can become so rogue that it starts to kill its own cells and can ultimately lead to death.

As countless methods are being tested for treatment of COVID-19, CBD is no exception. Because one of the most prominent qualities of cannabidiol including the reduction of inflammation, scientists have been using it for their studies and seeing promising results.

A recent Canadian study at the University of Lethbridge shows that CBD was able to block ACE2, the molecule that enters the person’s cells and spreads the COVID-19 virus. They are currently testing the possibility of CBD protecting against the excessive inflammatory response to the virus associated with lung damage and death.

An ongoing study in Israel reveals that terpenes, compounds found in cannabis that provide flavor and aroma, could be potentially more effective than simply CBD alone. The study shows that CBD, along with terpenes was “3 times more effective at inhibiting cytokine activity than dexamethasone”, a corticosteroid that proves relief for inflamed areas of the body.

Another Israeli research and development company Eybna specializes in terpene based medicines and also designed a study utilizing a proprietary terpene blend called NT-VRL to see whether the anti-inflammatory terpenes subside cytokine storms and whether it is comparable to other treatments currently available. This formulation contains 30 different ingredients that work symbiotically and is showing beneficial results.

These studies with NT-VRL have also been tested with CBD and Dexamethasone and have seen incredible outcomes. While CBD alone inhibited about 75%, the terpenes alone intercepted about 80%. Of the entire study, the combination of CBD and the NT-VRL showed the best results, inhibiting 90% on average of the tested cytokines while the current recommended treatment of COVID-19 dexamethasone only inhibited 30% of cytokines.

As tests are being performed everyday for an effective treatment for COVID-19, CBD and it’s associates have shown astonishing results. This potential has driven more testing within the scientific community and in time reviewed by a larger audience for human trials.