The CBD Effect: How Does It Make You Feel? 

If you have noticed the increase in CBD products available today, you might be wondering if it is something you should try. CBD is short for Cannabinol, a cannabis derived cannabinoid that people use as a form of alternative medicine. Hopefully, this article will answer some of your questions about CBD.

How does Cannabinol make you feel? This is the first question you might have. Cannabis is a plant that produces cannabinoids, including CBD, which is known for its psychoactive properties. The mind-bending effects associated with cannabis are not present with CBD.

When you take CBD, you experience the less intense side of cannabis. This is because CBD does not have as much tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in it as some other cannabinoids, like Delta-9 (the one that is still illegal in some states). CBD has relieving effects that are not intoxicating. Using hemp-derived compounds won't cause you to feel giddy or overly hungry.

Unlike other cannabinoids, CBD has its own unique set of characteristics that make it stand out from the rest. The effects of CBD may make you feel relaxed and relieved in general. Despite not being intoxicating, it is still important to use CBD wisely. Before we cover some other questions you may have, here is an overview of CBD:

  • Naturally occurring
  • Abundantly available in cannabis
  • Non psychoactive
  • Naturally lower in THC
  • Used for minor pain relief
  • Linked to deeper relaxation
  • Available in many forms
  • Legal in many states
  • Combined with other cannabinoids in some products

The popularity behind CBD lies in its effects and versatility. It shares some similar characteristics with popular cannabinoids Delta-9 and Delta-8 in terms of how our bodies break it down, but the effects are significantly different. Keep reading to learn if CBD may be for you.

The Human Endocannabinoid System

To understand CBD and its effects, it is important to understand the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Endocannabinoids are molecules that help regulate various processes, such as pain, memory, mood, immunity, and stress. When you take CBD, it interacts with these receptors. This explains why you may experience things like pain or stress relief, or improved moods with CBD.

While CBD generally interacts with the ECS, it may cause different effects for everyone.

There are some factors that may contribute to the effects of CBD, including:

Body chemistry

This refers to how your body naturally responds. This includes your metabolism and how your body reacts to and breaks down CBD.

Body weight

As a part of the former contribution, body weight can also impact the effectiveness of CBD. This refers to how much is needed to fully experience the effects.

Amount used

Understanding the strength of CBD can help determine the effects. Like any other hemp-derived substance or any substance, for that matter, CBD has to be used properly to experience the most optimal and safe results. The amount of CBD you use and how often, can impact its effectiveness.

Quality of the product

Speaking of safety, the product quality can also impact the effectiveness of CBD. Knowing the manufacturing process behind your CBD can help assure you that it is effective and safe to use.

Because CBD can have such an impact on the body, it is best to consult with a health professional before using it, and to use it wisely.

How Does CBD Make You Feel If You Take High Doses?

Using large amounts of CBD is not advised. It is best to take only the recommended amount of CBD to avoid undesired effects. Also CBD is not intoxicating like THC, It can make you sleepy, drowsy and nauseous if you use too much of it. Even more, some CBD products may contain THC if they are combined with Cannabinoids like Delta-8 or Delta-10. When it comes to how much you should take, a little can go a long way with CBD. The effects can also vary depending on what other ingredients there are. Always read the use instructions for a CBD product before using it and discontinue using it if you experience undesired results.

How Long Does it Take to Feel the Effects of CBD?

CBD may take at least 30 minutes to fully kick in, or possibly longer. Products like tinctures or CBD GUMMIESusually take effect quicker but it may take a while for your body to absorb the CBD. Some CBD products can take between 45 minutes to an hour to take effect. This is usually specified on the packaging label. How long it takes for CBD to kick in will vary from person to person. Some may feel the effects of CBD quicker than others. It ultimately depends on your body chemistry. If the desired effects are not felt within a preferred time frame, avoid consuming more than is advised.

How Much CBD Should You Take to Feel a Difference?

CBD is measured slightly differently in every type of product. For example, a single CBD tincture drop may contain 10 mg of CBD while a CBD gummy may include 25 mg. So knowing how much of each product to use is important.Some measure out CBD based on body weight. The idea is the amount of CBD you use should increase based on your weight. On average, it is recommended to take 0.2mg-0.7mg of CBD per each pound. For a usage range, multiply your weight by 0.2mg and increase as needed. Some other factors that may impact how much CBD is needed include age and tolerance level. Generally, it is advised to use less CBD and gradually increase.

Different Types of CBD Products

We mentioned briefly that there are different types of CBD products but let’s talk about The effects of each. One way to select which CBD product may be for you may be based on how quick you desire the effects and even at what strength.

CBD Flower

CBD hemp flower is used for rolling and smoking. CBD flower is similar to weed but instead of feeling stoned, you will feel calm with this flower. There are also CBD cigarettes which have become a popular alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

CBD tinctures

A tincture refers to a concentrated version of CBD that can be consumed by mouth or mixed into beverages. A couple drops of a CBD TINCTUREunder your tongue is all it takes to efficiently experience the effects of CBD. Tinctures are most effective and fast acting when used sublingually (under the tongue).

CBD edibles and gummies

Gummies and edibles are a crowd favorite because they add a fun twist to CBD. There are many different edibles out there with CBD and CBD gummies are among the most sought after. The term edibles can refer to other foods like desserts, chocolate bars and candies. CBD EDIBLESmay take a while to take effect but the effects can be felt in full once they kick in.

CBD capsules

If you prefer pills, there are also CBD capsules. Capsules are available at select shops that sell CBD products. CBD capsules may not be the most fast acting CBD products but they are a good option that is discrete and mess free. Having CBD CAPSULESin your medicine cabinet may be ideal if you want a quick and simple way to get your CBD.

CBD topical salves

Topical salves are thick skin care creams that include CBD. These products are used for moisturization and can help you absorb CBD through the skin. A CBD topical salve is an effective alternative to smoking or eating gummies. A CBD TOPICAL SALVEmay be used for the hands, body, or face depending on the product ingredients.

CBD bath bombs

Bath bombs have become popular for quite some time. But CBD bath bombs are new and already thriving. A bath bomb is a type of solid soap that disperses when it is placed in water. These fun bath accessories are filled with lots of color and they take your bath from drab to fab— giving the bath water a more colorful, bubbly appearance. CBD bath bombs are just like regular ones except they contain a secret ingredient. Any guesses what it is? CBD BATH BOMBSare good way to use CBD if you do not enjoy smoking and wish to use CBD in a therapeutic way that is not by mouth.

Each CBD product may differ when it comes to effects. Some methods may take effect quicker than others, and the effects may last longer. The good thing about there being a variety of CBD products, though, is that CBD can be incorporated into one’s lifestyle in a variety of ways. When it comes to cannabis products, many people immediately think of smoking, or edibles, but there is a lot more to it with CBD. CBD is a versatile compound that may appeal to many different people. In states where CBD is legal, each of these products can be purchased both in store and online.

What Does CBD Oil Feel Like?

CBD oil is a skin care product that is typically applied to an area where you may be experiencing pain. CBD oil is often made with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil and the amount of CBD included will depend on the brand. CBD oil may feel a bit different than smoking CBD flower or any other method. The gradual absorption of CBD oil into the skin may provide calm to the area where it is applied. CBD oil may be effective for some, but it may not be effective. Additionally, CBD oil is not guaranteed to heal any existing conditions and should only be used as intended.

How do CBD Gummies Make You Feel?

CBD gummies are easily a favorite CBD product because they are easy to take and widely available. CBD gummies may vary based on how much CBD is included, but it usually only takes 1-2 gummies to feel the effects of CBD. CBD gummies may make you feel a deep sense of calm as they gradually take effect, or they help with feeling more cheerful or focused. The feeling you experience with CBD gummies is not as intoxicating as THC-infused gummies, though it is relieving.

How does a CBD cream make you feel?

CBD in skin care is continuing to grow in popularity at a rapid rate. CBD creams are a popular method for using CBD in skin care. There are CBD creams for the body and for the face. CBD creams may make you feel relieved and relaxed, depending on the strength of the CBD. These products may be used as a part of a night routine, or when relief is needed.

Can I drink alcohol while taking CBD?

Combining CBD with alcohol is not advised. If taken simultaneously, CBD and alcohol can potentially amplify the effects of one another. Using both CBD and alcohol simultaneously, especially in large amounts, can cause sleepiness and sedation. It is best to avoid alcohol while taking CBD to avoid undesirable side effects.

Can I take CBD with medication?

CBD could potentially interfere with your medication or cause some anticipated side effects when mixed with medicines. So, it is best to consult a medical professional before trying CBD if you are taking any medication. Your safety is a top priority. Inform your doctor that you are considering CBD and you want to know how doing so will interfere with your current medications.

Is CBD legal?

As you know, cannabis hasn’t been federally legalized in all U.S states, and the same goes for CBD. Some states allow the legal sale and purchase of CBD based on how much THC is included. Some CBD products may be THC-free but some others may include under .3% THC. To legally purchase CBD, you must be 18 or older.


So, why would anyone use CBD PRODUCTS? This cannabinoid has been used both medically and recreationally for years. When expertly extracted and treated, CBD can be very effective. Ultimately though, you may need to determine how you could benefit from using CBD before adding it to your lifestyle. You may be interested in taking CBD if you are interested in plant medicine, and are looking for a beginner-friendly place to start. You may also be interested in CBD if you have already tried cannabis, and dislike the effects that it causes. The mild effects of CBD makes it a good alternative to marijuana, or any of its similar relatives. CBD can easily be found and used legally, which adds to its appeal. In general, if you are pro-cannabis and want to try a product that allows you to feel more stable, CBD is ideal for you.