Amazon is the largest internet company by market in the world, overthrowing Microsoft’s title last year. With its wide selection of products and convenience, it’s no wonder CBD vendors have also hopped on board with this epic platform. But there are a few things to know before you start purchasing any CBD products on Amazon.

First Things First, Can You Sell CBD on Amazon?

With their strict Terms of Service it is important to note, technically CBD is NOT allowed to be sold on Amazon.

CBD or cannabidiol, is a phytocannabinoid found in the hemp plant – the same plant that contains THC, the main component of marijuana associated with getting people high. Because of this negative association, Amazon has banned it from their site.

I Still See CBD Products Being Sold

Due to high demand, the beauty of linguistics has been the driving factor into how people are getting around and actively selling their CBD PRODUCTS on the Amazon site. Most people will not state the words “CBD Oil” as part of their product title but will include it in their “tags” section and call it “Hemp Oil” instead - this is a sneaky way of informing buyers of their product without tipping off Amazon. In reality, the “Hemp Oil” being sold on Amazon is actually “Hemp Seed Oil” which is not CBD oil. In fact, hemp seed oil does not contain any CBD nor does it have the same benefits.

*If a products title DOES include the word CBD, it is only a matter of time before Amazon shuts them down.

Things To Look Out For

Because there are legitimate businesses selling real CBD oil on Amazon, it is important for the buyer to do their research and always look for lab reports to back up their products. We were able to find countless products that claim ridiculous milligram dosages in products such as “30,000mg Pure CBD Oil” for a whopping $9.99 with a 4.5 star rating. If the milligrams didn’t already raise a red flag, the shockingly low sticker price definitely should.

Now let’s stop and assess this claim. If this product contains 30,000mg in the entire 30ml bottle and the serving suggestion is 1ml (1 dropper), that would mean that someone is ingesting 1,000mg in one sitting. That would be equivalent to someone drinking our entire Natures Wealth 1,000mg tincture bottle! Taking significantly larger dosages can lead to unwanted side effects and also diminishes the credibility of CBD entirely, leaving people with an overall negative association with the industry.

Don’t Be Fooled By Reviews

Fake reviews are the number #1 way vendors are able to sell their products with “legitimacy.” Companies like Amazon are able to pay their employees to post fake reviews or even have buyers reimbursed with gift cards for writing positive reviews even if they disliked the product.

Here at Natures Wealth we encourage all CBD enthusiasts to do their research before purchasing any CBD products and to buy directly from the source’s website rather than a third party. Our main focus is to have you feeling at ease not only while using our products but when purchasing as well.