Are Hemp and marijuana the same products?

The short answer is no. They are within the same family of plants, but marijuana produces high levels of THC, where as Hemp has almost none or under 0.03% THC,

What is THC?

THC short for tetrahydrocannabinol is the cannabinoid that is responsible for giving a high or ‘stoned’ feeling.

Do our products have THC inside of them?

No, our products are made with HEMP cannabinoids. The cannabinoids used do not have any psychoactive ingredients.

Is it legal for me to buy and use Hemp products?

Yes, on December 20th 2018, the US government proposed the new Hemp Farming Act of 2018. Its propose was to remove hemp (defined as cannabis with less than 0.3% THC) from Schedule I controlled substances and making it an ordinary agricultural commodity. Its provisions were incorporated in the 2018 United States farm bill.

Can I travel with Hemp based CBD products?

Yes. In May of 2019, TSA had changed its policy for people to travel freely within the sates with Hemp based products that carry under 0.03% THC in it.

Where can I buy Natures Wealth products?

We work with many local smoke shops, health and beauty, pharmacies as well as online.

How can we trust your products carry under 0.03% THC?

We test our products in labs to assure we are properly dosing and making sure our products don’t have higher then 0.03% THC inside of them.

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